The Flying Guitar

The Flying Guitar

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An easy and fun introductory method for learning the guitar in the company of two cheerful friends
Famiglia: Chitarra e basso elettrico
Strumento/materia: Chitarra
Collana: La chitarra volante
Prezzo: 21,00 €
Codice: EC11998 9790215909205
Tipologia: metodo
Genere: classica
Marchio: Curci Young
Pagine: 112
Formato: 23,5x31,5 cm
Confezione: Brossura

After an unprecedented success which led it to become the best-selling guitar method in Italy for over twenty years and the first title of an entire series, The Flying Guitar is finally available in English.

The Flying Guitar is a complete, easy, and fun educational journey. Two likeable characters accompany beginning students on a fascinating journey of discovering music, with the guitar as their magical means of transportation.

The approach is agile and practical, which facilitates learning. Students quickly acquire the technical autonomy and musicality necessary to sustain and develop their passion for the instrument. The pieces offered are of different genres, arranged in progressive order of difficulty.

The audio tracks of the pieces are available online with reserved access, either as full versions or as accompaniments, with the possibility of changing the playback speed to encourage gradual study.