Modern Technique of the Pedal

Modern Technique of the Pedal

A Piano Pedal Study


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Strumento/materia: Pianoforte
Marchio: Edizioni Curci
Codice: EC12291
ISBN: 9788863953817
Tipologia: metodo, libro
Genere: classica
Pagine: 40
Formato: 16,8x24 cm
Confezione: Brossura

A classic of the specialized literature for piano, this volume is an undisputed touchstone for students and professionals.

One of the few manuals to deal so specifically and thoroughly with the use of the pedal as a valuable aid in the production of sound, it presents a practical and rational approach, with the support of numerous musical examples.

This new edition (September 2021) is realized in collaboration with the Schnabel Music Foundation and presents the original content in a new layout, with the addition of a text dedicated to the left pedal.


  • Ancient and modern notations for the use of the pedal
  • The different degrees of legato and separation
  • Adapting pedal techniques to tempo and dynamics
  • Intermediate positions
  • Using the central and left pedals

Karl Ulrich Schnabel (1909-2001), a pianist of international renown, had a distinguished career spanning eight decades as a solo performer and also interpreter of original works for one piano four-hands and for two pianos. He was one of the most sought after teachers in the world, and was especially known for his ability to teach musical expression.