Astor Piazzolla. The Father of the Nuevo Tango

Astor Piazzolla. The Father of the Nuevo Tango

Chronology, Works, and Annotated Discography. Preface by Laura Escalada Piazzolla and Daniel Villaflor Piazzolla


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Famiglia: Argomenti Vari
Strumento/materia: Varia
Marchio: Edizioni Curci
Codice: EC12406
ISBN: 9788863954401
Tipologia: libro
Genere: classica
Pagine: 208
Formato: 16,8x24 cm
Confezione: Brossura

On the centenary of the birth of Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992), this book traces the biographical and artistic events that led the great Argentine composer to the creation of Nuevo Tango. Following a precise and detailed chronology, the most significant works of each phase of his glittering career are suggested to the listener: contaminations between genres, collaborations with the great protagonists of jazz, film productions, concert music, songs, poetry, and dance. The treatment is accompanied by an annotated and complete discography, in which Piazzolla figures both as a composer and as an interpreter. Finally, a chapter is dedicated to the fortune of his music from his death to the present day: protagonist of the most important international concert seasons, loved and performed by the greatest interpreters, acclaimed and requested by audiences all over the world.

The Piazzolla miracle continues.

Paolo Picchio (Castelfidardo, 1968) is a musicologist, accordionist and composer. Professor of Theory, Harmony, History of Music and Accordion, from 1992 to 2013 he was artistic director of the International Prize and Competition «Città di Castelfidardo» and from 1994 to 2001 of the International Prize «Astor Piazzolla». He has lectured worldwide on the accordion and its repertoire, and regularly publishes essays and articles in specialized magazines and websites.