Guitar and music cultures [inglese]

Guitar and music cultures [inglese]

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Strumento/materia: Chitarra
Codice: FAL0065
ISBN: 9788899405038
Tipologia: libro
Genere: folk
Pagine: 224
Formato: 22,3x30,4 cm
Confezione: Brossura

«How many guitarists can masterfully play flamenco and then bottleneck Delta blues just as convincingly? There are eclectic, versatile guitarists, and then there is Fernando Perez.? What Perez accomplishes is as though Michael Jordan had succeeded at baseball – and then tennis and ice hockey. To do this, he didn’t just travel the world, he lived for years in Greece, Hawaii, Egypt, India, Turkey, China, Sudan, America, and his native Spain. Wherever he went, he absorbed the indigenous music and the culture behind it.» (Vintage Guitar Magazine)

Guitar and Music Cultures offers a full repertory based on traditional music cultures from around the planet. The guitar has always been Fernando Perez’s passion, an instrument which he explores in its many forms: Spanish classical guitar, acoustic, electric, Dobros or resophonic guitars as well as African, Hawaiian ki¯ ho¯?alu (slack key) and kika kila (steel guitar), the Delta blues slide style from Mississippi, flamenco and the unique way of playing guitar in Hindustani music found in India or even the fretless Arabic guitar. He also explores new horizons reflected throughout his arrangements and compositions based on instruments of different cultures, such as the Japanese koto, Chinese pipa, African ngoni and the kora. Fernando’s compositions are an exciting and evocative journey around the globe. 

In this collection Fernando introduces original arrangements that are explained in depth. Each arrangement is presented in both standard music notation and tablature. Accompanying this collection is a DVD with each tune and example presented, so that you can easily see Fernando’s right and left hands. 

These arrangements can be played on both the classical nylon-string guitar and steel-string guitar. The repertory also includes pieces for slide guitar and even fretless guitar. Fernando will teach you pieces in the genres of classical and flamenco guitar from Spain, West African, blues, country-bluegrass, Mexican, Brasilian, Andean (Peru), Argentinean, Hawaiian, Chinese, Indian, Turkish and Greek music. 

This is the perfect collection for guitarists wishing to explore and expand their musical horizons. 


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